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Afrin Under Occupation (286): Assault on a child and home invasion, confiscation of properties belonging to the ‘Maamo’ family, Turkification and religious extremism, theft of financial aid”

Arabic to English Translation*

The leaders of the so-called “Syrian National Army” militias spare no effort in committing any violations and crimes, under the protection and sponsorship of Turkey, and the political cover provided by the Syrian opposition coalition -Brotherhood. They even establish their own “courts” and appoint “religious judges” to persecute their targets in the name of “revolution and religion.”

Here are some facts about the current situation:

= Assault on a Child:

On May 1, 2024, the boy “Ali Darwish /15/ years old” from the newcomers, assaulted the Kurdish child “Mohammed Fareed Mustafa /9/ years old” from the village of “Jaqmoqo” – Raju, with a knife, after he entered the courtyard of an elementary school in the center of Raju town, injuring the child who was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

= Raid on a House in Raju:

In the middle of the night on April 26, 2024, two armed robbers raided the house of the Kurdish citizen “Abdul Hameed Haji /65/ years old” in the center of Raju town, threatening him with death, and stealing money, his mobile phone, a household gas cylinder, brass utensils, a canister of olive oil (16 kg), and the products of his stall that he sold in Raju market. The police did not respond to his complaint filed in the early hours.

= “Sham Legion” Seizes “Mamo” Family’s Properties:

It is known that the “Sham Legion” militias, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Syria, led by figures such as “Munther Siras – Abu Abada/General Commander and member of the political body of the Syrian opposition coalition,” “Fadlullah al-Hajji – Abu Yamen/General Military Commander,” “Haitham Mahmoud Rahma from the shadow leadership of the legion and currently the Secretary-General of the coalition,” and “Mohammed Nazeer al-Hakim also one of the prominent figures in the legion and a member of the political body of the coalition.” In addition, in the second rank, “Khaldoun Madour Abu Jameel/military commander,” the two defendants Saleel al-Khaldi and major Hisham al-Hamwi are responsible for the town of Maidan Akbas and its surroundings.

They control villages and towns in (the areas of Raju, Bulbul, and Sharra, south of Jenderes, southwest of Sheirawa), and have a secret prison in the town of Maidan Akbas – Raju, and another in the building of “The Poultry Farm of the Late Farouk Aziz Mustafa” in the village of “Isko” – Sheirawa, where the kidnaped and the Kurd detainees are subjected to torture and other forms of harsh treatment, in addition to the enforced disappearance of hundreds through them.

– House/Villa of “Siras”:

For years, Munther Siras has seized about a thousand square meters of agricultural land (property No. 2345) – south of the city of Jenderes, belonging to the heirs of the late “Ahmed Kulin Maamo“, and built a private house-villa on it without paying any fees.

Currently, ” Fadlullah al-Hajji” is seeking to seize another thousand square meters, as he has leveled the land to build a house for himself, while the original owners who receive daily threats object.

– Establishment of a Camp:

According to a confidential source from the “Local Council in Jenderes,” who did not reveal his identity for fear of security prosecution, after an earthquake on February 6 last year, the Legion militias settled about 20 dunums of the mentioned property to establish a camp for the newcomers’ survivors who lost their homes in the city of Jenderes, which they occupied in the first year of the occupation. However, on February 11, 2023, citizens “Abdul Rahman Ahmed Maamo /70/ years old, his wife Rahima Bakri /62/ years old, and their son Ahmed“, the original owners, objected to the seizure of their land and the construction of the camp. They were insulted and brutally beaten by dozens of gunmen until Mahmoud al-Hafar, the former head of the “Local Council in Jenderes,” intervened to contain the situation to avoid exposing it and promised to evacuate the camp after a year, once the term of the “donation” under pressure and threats from “Ahmed Abdul Rahman Maamo” to the land as their agent on behalf of the heirs in a handwritten letter registered in the Council’s records on March 14, 2023, for the establishment of a humanitarian shelter center (as tents only).

However, the current head of the local council, Mohammed al-Hassan, and the “Sham Legion” disclaim responsibility and refuse to evacuate the camp and hand over the land to its owners. Instead, they are opening a new road to the camp to annex more land, despite “Ahmed’s” recourse to all local authorities (council, military police, civil police, judiciary) and repeated demands.

– Seizure of Shops:

In late 2021, both “Abdul Rahman Maamo” and “Jamal Maamo” obtained licenses from the local council (with legal documents) to build two storeys (commercial shops – west of Tal Slor Road) on property No. 2346 adjacent to the aforementioned property. They were blackmailed by the Legion and forced to pay a fee of about $10,000. Recently, the Legion forcibly seized six of these shops using various pretexts.

– “Judicial Committee in the Sham Legion”:

Under this name, acting as a special court managed by a “religious judge” within the Legion, in its headquartes in the village of “Isko,” near Jenderes, where trials are conducted for lawsuits fabricated by the Legion’s leaders and elements (seizure of properties, arbitrary arrests, etc.), and decisions are issued in their favor, far from the minimum standards of fair trials and outside the framework of the judiciary established by the Turkish occupation as well.

– Religious Extremism:

In continuation of implementing the programs of the active religious movement supervised by the Turkish Directorate of Religious Affairs and the Turkish Religious Foundation, which the area has witnessed since its occupation in March 2018, on May 1, 2024, the “Directorate of Religious Endowments in Afrin – Salah al-Din Kru” laid the foundation stone for a new mosque named “Haji Amin Mosque” on an area of /584/ square meters, instead of a room – a previous prayer room – belonging to the building of the “Religious School” in the center of Afrin city, under the pretext of its small size and damage from the earthquake, and funded by the Turkish “Neda Humanitarian Aid Association – Neda İnsani Yardım Derneğ”. This was attended by (Hasan Meshli, Governor of Afrin – Afrin Valisi Hasan MEŞELİ), the deputy governor of Hatay, Yusuf Kassar, the general coordinator of the Directorate of Religious Affairs, and Mohammed Sheikh Rashid, Deputy Head of the “Local Council in Afrin,” and others.

= “Paradise Buds– Cennet tomurcukları” Nurseries:

Under this gentle spiritual name, the Turkish occupation authorities (Presidency of Religious Affairs, Religious Endowment) through the “Directorate of Religious Affairs in Afrin” opened a series of 21 nurseries in the city and its countryside to teach Syrian children (aged 4-6 years) the Turkish language and culture – especially under the systematic Turkification policy – and to provide religious teachings, encouraging them in that regard. These nurseries receive special attention from Turkish officials, especially as Hasan Meshli, the governor of Afrin, and the deputy governor of Hatay, along with others, visited a number of them on May 1-2, 2024, to observe the progress of work.

= Other Violations:

A week ago, the “Sham Solidarity Association” distributed the fourth installment of monthly cash assistance ($65 per family) in the town of Meydanky, after a two-month hiatus, due to the actions of “Hassan Fatteem,” one of the leaders of the “Al-Muatasim Brigade” militias, who, through his representative, deducted ten dollars from each share (about 650 families of newcomers and Kurds living in its sector – the eastern neighborhood of the town), during the distribution of the first three installments, meaning he deducted about $19,500.

The state of insecurity and lack of safety continues in the region, with property violations, as well as escaping punishment and accountability. Furthermore, there are numerous activities and media efforts made by various entities to cover up the existing dire situation.


Media Office-Afrin

Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekiti)



Leaders of the Sham Legion militias “Munther Siras, Fadlullah al-Hajji, Haitham Rahma, Mohammed Nazeer al-Hakim, Khaldoun Madour, Saleel al-Khaldi.”

Camp for newcomers, built on land of about /20 dunums/ of property No. 2345 belonging to the heirs of the late “Ahmed Kulin Maamo.”

Handwritten pledge of “donation” by “Ahmed Abdul Rahman Maamo” for land to build a shelter camp for one year, and the commitment of the head of the local council to evacuate it after the period expires, a source from the local council.

Laying the foundation stone for the construction of the “Haji Amin” mosque in the center of Afrin city.

Visit by Hasan Meshli, Governor of Afrin, to a number of Paradise Buds nurseries on May 1-2, 2024.

“Hassan Fatteem”, one of the leaders of the “Al-Muatasim Brigade” militias, responsible for the Meydanky town sector.


* Under the supervision of the European Organization of the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria (Yekîtî).


You can download the full file by clicking here:

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